Wetting Agent

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100% Natural Ingredients
100% safe for humans

Directions for use:
Add a minimum of 5ml
Up to a Maximum of 15ml for infestations

Add to each litre of water (best water is clean rainwater)
Spray directly on leafs and pests

Use as a foliar feed additive to enhance nutrient uptake.
Naturally acts as an insecticide - with no damage to pollinators.

Further information:

Natural Wetting Agent to prevent and reduce hydrophobic soil / Retains moisture

Bio-surfactant - which coats plants evenly by breaking the surface tension of liquids.

Prevents white-spotting
Enhances the distribution and absorption of foliar feeds

An organic bio-surfactant performing a 'sticking' function to adhere to pests as an insecticide

The organic nature of our wetting agent means it also acts as a microbe nutrient when utilised as part of a Natural Farming system.

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