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Slug and Snail Solution


100% Natural Ingredients* INCLUDE:
Diatomaceous Earth (DE)**
Activated Charcoal (AC)**
* Traditionally saponified seed oil
** 100% safe for humans

Directions for use:
Shake gently if settled
Mix 5ml to each litre of water. Up to a maximum of 15ml for infestations
Apply to pests and plants using a sprayer

Further information:
A natural bio-surfactant - which coats plants evenly by breaking the surface tension of liquids preventing white-spotting; enhances the distribution and absorption of foliar feeds

How does it work to combat pests?
ULTRA Wetting Agent was developed and tested at Ballagh Micro Farm - this is our solution to pests, slugs and snails! an insecticide with no damage to pollinators;
an organic bio-surfactant performing a 'sticking' function to adhere to pests and leaf surfaces.

Why do we add Diatomaceous Earth?
It's Food-grade for humans BUT like swallowing/walking on razor blades for slugs & snails! (TIP: avoid application within 3 days of food-crop harvest)

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