Koean Natural Farming: recipes, solutions, applications.

On Site Workshops and eBook with Online support to learn all about KNF

Fully illustrated quick reference guide with simple to follow step-by-step instructions to grow organically at ​low cost whilst boosting quality and yield.

Learn the origins, history and practices of korean natural farming with detailed information on the benefits and functions of each input - with simple instructions for making your own.

Everything to start collecting, culturing, feeding and utilising beneficial indigenous micro organisms (IMO).

LEARN KNF with Ballagh Botanicals
Ultra Wetting Agent

Slug and Snail Solution

100% natural ingredients

100% safe for humans

ULTRA Wetting Agent was developed and tested at Ballagh Micro Farm - this is our solution to pests, slugs and snails! 

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Wetting Agent/Insecticide

100% Natural Ingredients

100% safe for humans

Spray directly on leafs and pestsUse as a foliar feed additive to enhance nutrient uptake.Naturally acts as an insecticide - with no damage to pollinators.

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Germicide and Fungicide

THE solution to molds, cankers and mildews (powdery etc) when combined with our Wetting Agent and applied with rainwater (water must be soft to achieve optimal results).

Perfect for roses and ornamental plants.

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Articles featuring ballagh botanicals

BLOOM - Issue 7 "Culture club"

Autumn edition is packed with practical advice, inspiring stories about nature and a celebration of all things green including an intro to Korean Natural farming with Ballagh Micro Farm.

Permaculture International 98 - Winter 2018

"Redesigning enterprise culture with soap"

Rozie Apps finds out how Ballagh Micro Farm in Devon is encouraging entrepreneurship and helping to create organic farms

Permaculture International 101 - Autumn 2019

"Creating resilient soils with microbes"

Rozie Apps explores how Ballagh Micro Farm in Devon is bringing Korean Natural Farming ​to the UK, where beneficial microbes are being used to create healthy soil through powerful natural fertilisers.


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Podcasts featuring Ballagh botanicals

Roots and All - Episode 187

Teaching natural farming methods, based on the techniques around Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) and Korean Natural Farming (KNF). Building healthy soil to produce healthy plants.

Soul Soil - Episodes 42 and 43

Educating growers in the United Kingdom in Korean Natural Farming methods at Ballagh Micro Farm where beneficial microbes are being used to create healthy soil through powerful natural fertilizers.

Grow Street Journal - November 2018

Korean Natural Farming techniques to create biologically diverse soil that's great for crops, and cheap and accessible for famers.

Roots and All - Episode 187


Soul Soil - Episodes 42 and 43


grow street journal - Episode nov.2018


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